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Friday, December 16, 2022

Ceasefire Between Pak-Afghan Border Forces

There has been a ceasefire between the border forces on the Pak-Afghan border, but the situation remains tense.

According to the security officials, bilateral trade and foot traffic has been restored on the Pak-Afghan border Bab-e-Dosti located in Chaman border area of Balochistan.

Normal activities of customs trade are going on, security is on high alert at the Pak-Afghan border, normal life has started to be restored in the areas near the Chaman border.

Ceasefire Between Pak-Afghan Border Forces

Afghan forces shelled again last day

It should be noted that the clash started yesterday due to the intervention of Afghan forces on repairing the fence in Sheikh Lal Muhammad sector.

After 12 noon on Thursday, the Afghan forces suddenly attacked the Genghis border post located in the Kali Sheikh Lal Muhammad sector on the Chaman border and fired 6 heavy weapons within 1 minute, but in response, the Pakistani forces showed restraint.

After one o'clock, the Afghan forces started targeting the civilian population of Chaman, during which mortars and artillery shelled Mall Road, the outskirts of FC Fort, FC Fort Bypass, Bograh, Guldara Baghecha, Ada Kahol and railway warehouses. Firing took place up to Rehman Kahol area.

Due to mortar and artillery shells, 1 Pakistani civilian was martyred and around 20 civilians, including women and children, were injured, of which 8 were seriously injured and shifted to Quetta.
By imposing a state of emergency in Chaman, instructions were issued to the citizens to stay at home, emergency was imposed in the hospitals of Quetta and Chaman, medical personnel were called to Chaman.

After the shelling of the Afghan army, the Pakistani forces retaliated by using heavy artillery and destroyed the military headquarters including 6 Afghan border posts, causing massive financial and human losses to the Afghan forces.

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